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Spring 2020 bear - Sherwood park

Clay, Crystal and family gave me the best hunting experience I've ever had. Beyond anything I've experienced being on guided hunts around the world. I came for the spring 2020 bear season. Clay and Crystal welcomed our group like family. Amazing, food and even more amazing company. For the hunt... They know bear. The guide Kiley stopped me from shooting the biggest bear I've had an opportunity at. He was right. 2 days later I'm in the stand and a big bear comes in. My adrenaline is pumping and I get a good shot and he goes down in 20 yards. 20 minutes later a bigger bear comes in and gives me a shot. Both went P&Y. Most unbelievable hunt I've ever been on and this is the place to go for trophy animals! Thank you for the best hunt of my life!!

Drew Derouen

Drew Derouen

Spring of 2019 - Cold Lake

Last year, 2018, I was fortunate enough to go on the trip of a lifetime! I have always heard about how great this trip and people are. It did not take me long to figure that one out. On the first day of the hunt, it pretty much played out exactly the way Clay described it. The only difference was that I had never judged a 200” deer that weighted 300+ lbs ……. I never reached for my rifle. I'm still wishing I could go back to that day. It's not only Clay that's a great guide and host but his other guides, friends, and family are so very involved and welcoming as well. It’s a treat to be out there and watch how he and his family all participate in the trip! Like myself, Clay is a father of three daughters and we both love being outdoors with them. On that fist hunt, in 2018, he invited me back with my 13-year-old daughter for a bear trip in the spring. When I got home, I mentioned it to my daughter and words can’t begin to explain the look on her face that day. We arrived in early May. My daughter can be somewhat shy or quiet sometimes, but not that day. She quickly warmed up and felt at home there in the lodge. Day 1: My daughter, myself and Clay set out on the QUAD. Once we arrived, we moved onto a ridge and set up a ground blind. Let me tell you something, Clay knows how to brush a ground blind in! He also has a very positive way of making people feel at home. It really showed when my daughter was out there helping like she's been knowing Clay and had done this with him many times. Clay had already had a ladder stand set up for me to sit and view and record the hunt. That evening sit is another whole testimony in itself, but that evening made me very proud to be her father! Long story short, she drew back close to 20 times in that hunt. Clay realized the whisker biscuit on her bow was making a noise on each draw. Clay simply made an adjustment on her bow and on that last pull all I remember was a luminox flying out of the tent blind and a bear running under my stand. The next thing was her & him coming out of that ground blind high-fiving each other. I literally couldn’t climb down the tree fast enough to give her a hug and tell her how proud I was. A few days later, Clay said,” come on bro I want to put her on another bear." That evening hunt was an experience we will never forget as we had bear EVERYWHERE. Some were climbing trees. Some big bores were fighting. Literally, just bear everywhere. On that hunt she got the opportunity to shoot a real 'once in a lifetime' bear. She took a shot at a huge black bear from 22 yards, unfortunately, while only pulling 35 lbs. She shot inches left and high shouldered the bear. The arrow didn’t pass the blade and the bear ran off. That hunt and the drive back told me more about Clay than on the first day when she harvested her first bear. While this bear would be a true trophy for any grown man, Clay took his time with her and talked her though the hunt, the draw and the shot. Over the next few days, she was down on herself and decided to allow me and Clay to make a few solo hunts. Every day, she would come outside of the lodge with her bow and practice shooting at the target. Clay realized there was an issue with the bow. He made an adjustment and tightened her groups better than ever. Keep in mind all the while he has a lodge with 6 other hunters. On our last day there, Clay said to her that morning, "Well, today is the day that we are going to try and get you that colored bear you been talking about." Again, words cannot describe the look on her face. Last hunt went picture perfect with another GREAT memory that I don’t think any of us will ever forget! Not only did SHE harvest her colored Bear, but Dad (that's me) also managed to harvest my first bear in the same hunt! I know this is a long testimonial, but it shows the quality of person that Clay is and the services that he and his family provide. My daughter also went horseback riding, ran around with Anna and truly felt at HOME on the trip! Clay, Crystal, Kaili, Amy, Anna Bean- you all make the trip feel like home! As you can tell, I have been back four times in the last year AND MY DAUGHTER KEEPS ASKING WHEN CAN WE GO BACK? Merry Christmas to a great family! If you are on the fence about booking a trip with Take-Em Outfitters- just do it! BOOK IT! You'll thank me later! Drew

Christian Curtis, Missouri

Christian Curtis, Missouri

November 2019 - Sikeston, Mo

There has always been a spot on my bucket list for a Canada Whitetail hunt. This was the year to make the pilgrimage north of the border. The experience was more than I could have imagined and I'm disappointed it took me 47 years to make this trip. Clay and his crew are unbelievable, the lodge is great, and the food was awesome. They are prepared and professional in every aspect of the hunt. I killed an absolute stud...the biggest deer of my life...but that was just a bonus. The only downside is that now I have to carve out that week in November every year because this bucket list trip has now become a yearly thing for me. This was a great hunt. More importantly, it was a very special experience.

Daniel Hall Jr. AKA-

Daniel Hall Jr. AKA-

November 2019 - Clinton, NC

On the morning of November 25, 2019, I never knew I would come face to face with a deer called "Pegleg", a deer they thought to be 9-10 years old. With alot of help from my guide, Clay, and J-dog,  I shot a double drop tine buck, the biggest buck of my life!! Also, the lodge was top notch and I probably gained 10 lbs from all the food Crystal cooked. Very well organized outfitter. Really enjoyed my hunt and would love to go back! Thanks again for a good time and the hunt of a lifetime!!

Keith Beasley

Fall 2016/2017 - Peterborough, On

Whitetail hunted fall 2016 and 2017. Each fall had two of the largest whitetails I have seen in my life walk by my stand. Clay told me I was in the big woods waiting on monsters and I seen two anyone would dream of. Incredible. Would go back in a heart beat. Watched deer daily, some days 20 plus. Truly a place a world record could walk by and no one would have known it was there. Food, accommodations first class. combine all that with Clay and Crystal and their operation 'FIRST CLASS' hands down one of the best outfits iv ever been to.. TAKE-EM!


Spring of 2018 - TEXAS

One of the best hunting experience I've been on yet. Hunting with Clay, Kylie And Kelly and watching the work these guys put in to make it an unbelievable hunting experience is second to none! This was my first black bear hunt in Alberta but will not be my last. I harvested a big 7'6" black bear and a beautiful 6'+ cinnamon bear last spring. I've already booked a trip in 2019 with Take-Em Outfitters to work on another color phase bear. Not to forget Crystal's cooking ability was top notch, making sure everyone was feed breakfast, lunch and dinner (even when we would make it back at midnight) it was hot and delicious. I would like to thank everyone again for a unbelievable hunting experience. See you next May

Larry Drahota M.D

september 12th 2018 - 4708 west 114th terrace leawood kansas 66211

WOW!!!! Just returned from first time combo hunt with Clay and Crystal. Never hunted more than two hours... It goes fast... Lodge was clean comfortable well organized... This is North Americas version of Argentina. Hunt a new X every day. Scouted with them in afternoons, helped build willow blinds that were invisible... a waterfowlers dream hunt. Come as a customer leave as a friend mentality. THey have nearly 100% return clients so you'll have to be flexible to get in..HOPE YOU DO

Robby Tilley

Spring 2018 - Cold lake ab

My best bear hunt ever..  I seen lots of bear and killed a GIANT Red Bear !!! Clay and his TEAM really does there  homework.  Can’t thank him Take-Em Outfitters enough. They really puts out the bait to draw them in.  5 stars*****

Daniel Dietrich, Texas

After years of hunting bear in Alberta, Canada with Clay at Take-Em Outfitters he convinced me to come up and go winter Wolf hunting with him. My first thought was, this is going to be cold! Clay as usual had done his homework and was able to put me in position to take a giant Black Silver Tip Canadian Timber Wolf. It was an absolute thrill of a lifetime.

John D, West Monroe, LA

If an Ultimate Waterfowling Experience is on your Bucket List, then you must consider Take-Em Outfitters of Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada as your destination. After hunting with Clay every year since 2010, it has become my destination of choice, in fact, I call it my Fall Migration. I have watched Take-Em Outfitters grow over each successive year and witnessed the expanding list of satisfied returning customers. Clay’s Family has become an extension of My Family and the Lodge is like my Second Home, but most of all the Waterfowling is Superb!

Woody, Arkansas

Been hunting in Canada for 10 years, Clays operations is the best we have ever had! 

Booked again next year for six day hunt!!


Just wanted to say thanks for the great time. Everything about it was better than expected! Camp, food, guides, bait and bears. We all had a trip to remember and look forward to coming back. It was awesome that Clay spent so much time with Kaden trying to get him the best bears and best shot possible. If anyone is looking for a first rate bear outfitter this is the place to go. Fun guys great food and awesome bears!

Peter, Louisiana

Best hunting experience ever. Duck and goose hunting in the snow was awesome.

Clay and Crystal were very accommodating with good food and a nice lodge.

This was my first hunt in Canada but won't be the last we are already booked for next year.


Thank you Clayton, Crystal, and family for your hospitality and a great first bear hunt! Good food, good atmosphere, good times = great memories for my Dad and I. We feel like we made new friends in Canada from this trip. Hoping we can come do it again soon and bag one of those browns and a tank for Pop! I'm proud of my first black bear and my experience taking him! If your looking for a 1st class outfitter you need to consider booking your trip Take-em Outfitters.

Daniel Dietrich, Texas

Back in 2011 I was deer hunting with Take-Em Outfitters and we were talking about a bear hunting video that Clay had made, he said, “if I wanted to see a lot of bears and have a hunt of a lifetime I should come back and hunt bears with him.” That was 8 years ago and have been back every year since, have taken many great bears, have experienced true in your face bear hunting. Clay, Crystal and the family have always gone the extra mile to make our all-around hunting experience extraordinary. They have accommodated myself, my wife, son-n-law, daughter and even my 78 year old mother-n-law over the years. All of us have taken numerous bears and coyotes over the years. Cannot wait to be back knee deep in the muskeg next year.

Luke, North Dakota

Clay and Crystal Take-Em Outfitters,

You are first class! Your effort, knowledge, dedication and world class hunting gave me a lifetime experience on harvesting a Timber Wolf! I highly recommend anyone looking for a great hunting experience to get in contact with Take-Em Outfitters. You’ll be treated by professional people, to top notch lodging and accommodations. Crystal, you get a special mention for the great breakfasts (when you tag out early), lunch and dinners everyday. I am already making plans to visit again very soon.

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